When I first met Garrett and Jason, and they told me their wedding was going to be Disney-themed but really did not sell to me exactly how enthusiastic and amazing their guests were to be. The day took place at 63rd Beach Street House in Chicago - it was hot, but no rain! The wedding party dressed "down" for the ceremony... everyone's eventual costume was hinted in their classy iteration of various Disney characters. 

Jason and Garrett's ceremony was extraordinary, hilarious and uniquely their own. After sharing funny and sweet stories from their past, a ceremonial Mai Tai was concocted and drank among the grooms. The rings were placed, the first kiss was had and the guests went wild! The love between Jason and Garrett, and the support from their friends and family was palpable.

The wedding party changed into their evening costumes, with the grooms as Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody. Everyone took their seats at Disney themed tables, the first dance was choreographed amazingness, a conga line erupted and it finished with a sparkler exit. Thank you again, guys!!!

We've been lucky enough to be featured in Garrett and Jason's Popsugar article here: Disney Wedding | POPSUGAR

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